Installing Mosaic Tile

We recommend that all mosaics be installed by an experienced and professional tile setter to ensure that the finished product looks as good, and is as durable as possible. The surface upon which the mosaic tile is to be installed should be level, clean and free of any dirt, debris or grease. The right substrate should be used, especially for flooring installations and within 'wet' areas to ensure that the investment made in the mosaic is safeguarded from any structural issues or water damage; please note when using plywood substrate, it is also essential to use a bonding agent.

A white thin set mortar should be used and applied with a 1/8th to ¼ inch notched trowel; grey mortar should not be used as it will stain light colored marble and tarnish the mosaic tile during the binding process. If the mosaic is being installed on a vertical surface that will not come into contact with water, simple tile mastic may be used in the place of mortar for the installation process. Once installed, the mosaic tile will need to be sealed with a high quality stone sealer and color enhancer to preserve the piece; this sealing process should be done both before and after grouting. Sealing the mosaic tile prior to grouting will protect the stone from discoloration and staining during the installation process and because of the minimal spacing between the mosaic tiles only un-sanded grout should be used.

As all of our mosaics are hand crafted there will be a level of unevenness in the mosaic tile surface as well as minute differences in spacing between each tile; while for some these may be considered as imperfections, they are rather the hallmark of a true hand crafted mosaic. Should a higher luster be required of the mosaic tile once installed, it can be achieved through polishing them with a series of diamond polishing wheels.

We highly recommend reading and following the manufacturer’s directions regardless of which products are being used to install the mosaic tile, and please note that we cannot accept any responsibility for materials that are not properly installed.

Mosaic Tile Care

To ensure that the mosaic tile endures for centuries to come proper care should be taken when cleaning mosaics. Specialized stone and marble cleaning agents should be used and harsh chemicals avoided as they may damage and discolor the mosaic tile. Once cleaned, mosaics should be rinsed with clean water and dried with a soft, non abrasive cloth. Proper care is an important part of preserving mosaic tile and will ensure a lifetime of pleasure from the piece.