Sense of Stone Capabilities

At Sense Of Stone, One of our rituals is to facilitate the process of turning your ideas into powerful statements that permanently provoke admiration and inspiration: meticulously crafted and authentic hand-made mosaics. To deliver our promise, the following services are available:

Design services

SOS features a fully staffed design team and a state-of-the-art design studio that is dedicated to you throughout the process.

Mosaic craftsmanship

All of our mosaics are handcrafted in one single piece. They are mesh-mounted on a flexible acrylic mesh for easy installation.

Complimentary materials sourcing

SOS has global presence and the ability to source any natural stone and glass materials from around the world for the rest of your floor and surfaces that results in a harmonic combination of colors and top quality materials.

Integrated solutions

SOS can provide you with a mosaic from concept development to craftsmanship and delivery to anywhere in the world. We can also provide you sample natural stone and glass materials for your project.


SOS is a company that understands the needs of the market and lives by a core principle of “Good enough never is”. It is managed by very talented and professional team where systems are in place to guarantee that your mosaic will be delivered as promised and on-time every time.


Each and every one of our mosaics are created with hand-cut mosaic tiles of the finest quality natural marble to ensure that their color and vibrancy don't fade over time and to allow our mosaics to be installed both indoors and outdoors or under water. Using methods first developed by the Romans 2000 years ago, each of our pieces comprises hundreds of mosaic tiles resulting in a one of a kind mosaic.


SOS has more than 40 master artisans and 60 mosaicists, we have the capability to handle both large scale and small applications for commercial or residential applications. SOS also has the ability fly over our artisans for on-site craftsmanship and installation anywhere around the world.


SOS Guarantees all its mosaics and has multiple quality control systems in place to insure quality and timely delivery. All of our mosaics are carefully inspected prior to shipment.